Chabibeh Youth


  • Bringing  together  children  and  youth  from  different  religious  and  cultural backgrounds and offering them opportunities to interact and work together on common goals
  • Enhancing young people active citizenship and active participation through volunteering opportunities
  • Developing the life skills of young people through capacity building programs and participation in local and international projects
  • Networking  with  local  and  international  organizations  to  expose  youth  to  new environments and opportunities

Youth Leaders Volunteers Team

Ibtissam Shukor

Youth Projects Officer

Alain Saade

Mentor/Junior Trainer

Farah Barakat

Erasmus+ Officer

Mohamad Hamdan



“Youth for Change” is Chabibeh Club’s local youth program that engages young girls and boys in different activities and projects (offered by Chabibeh or through other organizations), in order to develop their competences and enhance their participation in and contribution to their local communities. In addition, youth take part in volunteering activities and skills development workshops according to their needs.

“Seeds 4 Tomorrow” is Chabibeh Club’s local initiative targeting schools and its students. The youth department continuously works with young animators and trainers to develop their competences in preparing and implementing thematic skills development activities for children and teenagers. The young animators/trainer offer these activities on voluntary basis for schools. These activities include:

  • Sports for development
  • Life skills through workshops and outdoor activities
  • Life skills through arts and theater

“Erasmus Plus” is the European Union program for education, training, youth and sport. Chabibeh Club is active in the youth chapter of the program since 2008, when the program name was Youth in Action. Through partnerships with European and Mediterranean organizations, Chabibeh Club develops and implements mobility projects in the forms of Youth Exchanges or Training and Networking events. These projects bring together youth, youth workers, youth leaders and trainers to work together on topics of common interest to the organizations and their mission.

“European Solidarity Corps” is the European Union initiative which creates opportunities for young people to volunteer or work in projects in their own country or abroad. In 2014, Chabibeh Club received its accreditation allowing it to host European volunteers in Lebanon, and send young people from Lebanon to volunteer at European organizations.

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