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Sports: “Lebanese Basketball Championship Division 3 – Men”

Our Men Basketball Team is complete now and getting ready for the 2021 Lebanese Basketball Championship division 3.

Projects: “Advocacy for Quality Physical Education in the Arab Region”

“Advocacy for Quality Physical Education in the Arab Region” is our new project with the following objectives: 1.Raising awareness in the Arab region on the concept of Quality Physical Education and its policy brief. 2.Developing the capacities of youth from the Arab region to advocate for Quality Physical Education. 3.Supporting youth in developing advocacy activities on QPE

This project is funded by UNESCO and targets youth from all the Arab countries. The project has three phases: 1)Online training on Quality Physical Education and the advocacy toolkit for youth, followed by a coaching phase for youth to design and implement advocacy campaigns on QPE 2)QPE sports national days in Lebanon and in Jordan in collaboration with Desert Bloom. 3)Online regional seminar


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