18th Anniversary

On 18 May 2020, Chabibeh Club celebrated its 18th anniversary. Members, partners, players, friends and volunteers wished Chabibeh a happy anniversary, each in their own way.

Khalil Tabet

Founder and first president of Chabibeh Club

It was 18 years ago, and we were a group of young people who wanted to create change in our community that suffered a lot during the war. We wanted to unite Furn el Chebbak, Ain el Remmaneh and Chiah and what’s better than bringing its youth together under a sports club.
This club was a little tree that we planted and took turns in watering it, and taking care of it to keep it alive and growing. We believed in this project and I cannot but mention one of the founders who was and still is a hard worker, a dynamo and a non-stop fighter Fadi Tabet. We worked together as a team to overcome the challenges that hit us from all sides, and to convince municipalities, businesses and individuals to support our mission. It was not easy, but all the hard work paid off. We have come a long way.

18 years ago, we could not find a place to meet. Today Chabibeh has a status, a name and an influence. In sports we moved up on the professional ladder, in addition we added cultural, social, educational and youth dimensions and we are also excelling in these aspects too. When we started we were trying hard to go beyond the triangle of Furn el Chebak, Ain el Remmaneh and Chiah. Today we expanded globally and went beyond the country boundaries and even across continents. This organization has no limits, nothing can stop it. What Chabibeh Club does is priceless, and at this point in my life I only wish I was 30 years younger to be part of this endless movement. I wish Chabibeh Club members continuous success.

Elie Hitti

Architect – Ain el Remmaneh Mayor – Founder at Chabibeh Club and Ex-Secretary General

To begin , I would like to wish all Chabibeh family a happy anniversary .It’s a great pleasure to celebrate the 18th anniversary of Chabibeh club , I won’t lie and tell you that when we founded this club 18 years ago , we knew that it will reach it’s actual situation , but what I can assure is  that our dream had no limits , and we were sure that we will reach big goals . I am sure that today’s Chabibeh generation will continue to dream with no limits , and 18 years later I am sure that our Chabibeh club will be known all over the world.For me , as a founder , one of my best memories in Chabibeh , is when we got the legal permit of the club from the ministry of youth and sports .

Jasmin Lilian Diab

Research Associate @AUB Global Health Institute and Regional Focal Point for the United Nations Major Group for Children and Youth

Chabibeh has honestly been one of the most inspiring organizations I have had the pleasure to work with. They are extremely focused on their goal, incredibly inclusive and always looking for areas to expand and grow. My personal experience working with them on multiple occasions has been nothing short of brilliant. I wish them the absolute best as they continue to work with youth in Lebanon and around the world.

Bayan Allam

Architect and Member @Chabibeh Club

I remember the day when my youngest son Samer brought a brochure back from school. He was six year old back then and he told me: “My friend Mitchell gave this, what do you think? So I called Lama and it was the beginning of a great time for Samer. Until this day he says, they are my family, I belong to this place, like home…..

Pierre Romanos

Member @Chabibeh Club

I can say that these 18 years felt like 18 days. These years were full of happiness, excellent management and special presence from Fadi and Lama Tabet who were able to develop this organization from personal efforts and a lot of sacrifices. The full power they invested in Chabibeh made it the successful organization we see today and we are all witnesses of the great achievements that were done.

Zita Szalai,

Programme Director of Tudatos Ifjúságért Alapítvány, Hungary

Chabibeh…when I hear this word my heart starts beating a bit faster. When I first met Lama Tabet from Chabibeh I have never even imagined that this organisation would have such a great impact on my entire life and the work we carry out at my organisation. Staff members and volunteers of Chabibeh showed me how to deliver quality youth work in difficult situations, how to be empowered and encouraging with all young people and how to be a great influence on the life of young people. Our encounter has been life-changing for me as well, mainly at the moment when I had the possibility to meet them in their Center in  Lebanon. Chabibeh represents everything I have always wished to experience in youth work: great spirit, enthusiasm, creativity, innovation, will to act, inclusion, hard work, professionalism, and quality connections. But most of all it gave me something more important: life-long friendships and cooperation. Happy birthday dear Chabibeh! We are celebrating with you from far away, but close in our hearts.

Joe Bou Jaoude,

IFA – NRC, Lebanon


First let me start by wishing you a happiest birthday, congratulations you’re 18 now. At 18 you can apply for your driving license but I think we, unanimously, can say that you can be exempted from this tiny test and continue leading in your way in this field by being the beacon of the youth. As for my experience with Chabibeh Club, I think we can both agree that it was one of a kind journey and a career changing path. After graduating from university, I decided to try something new and go on a volunteering service instead of directly searching for a job or going for a Master’s degree. Through Chabibeh Club and their opportunities in the European Voluntary Service Program, I went to Finland for 3 months. Adding to that, Chabibeh Club changed my perspective in what kind of career path I want to take, from governmental work to the humanitarian field and NGOs.In brief my experience with you guys changed a lot in my life and I am very grateful for that. Again Happy Birthday and for much more success in the future. Much Love…

Sandra Beddawi started as a player at Chabibeh Club. Now she is a board member, and also palyed a big role as coach and youth leader. She initiated the food initiative. This is how Sandra wished a happy anniversary to Chabibeh Club.

Florencia Palacios joined the Chabibeh Women First Division Basketball team as a foreign player during the 2016-2017 season. Since then Flo is a friend and sent a message all the way from Italy to wish us a happy anniversary.

Rose Abou Elias reached Chabibeh Club by coincidence to know more about this organization she heard about. She then joined as a volunteer, youth leader and trainer and now works for a youth program at a large NGO.

Claudia Recto came to Lebanon in November 2019 for an Erasmus plus training organized by Chabibeh. She was invited again in February 2020 to come to Chabibeh and organize theater activities for Youth. Her message from Portugal:

Hanno Hinrichs joined Chabibeh Club in November 2020, through the European Solidarity Corps program. After the COVID-19 crisis, he had to go back to Germany but he is still supporting our youth programs online.

Juliana El Lameh joined Chabibeh Club in 2017 and had the opportunity to participate in different local and international youth projects.

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